OCT. 2017

Playing with the relationship between sound and animation, a small blob is threatened by a mysterious orb in a steam-punk post apocalyptic world. This 2D animation is my midterm project for my Principles of Animation class. Using Adobe After Effects, my goal was to convey emotion in a character with little detail.


DEC. 2017


A strange encounter between a graffiti artist and graffiti leads to a transformative experience. This is my final project for my Principles of Animation class. Using techniques like smear frames, my goal for the video was to attempt hand-drawn character animation. I drew the frames with Adobe Animate (Flash), created the scenery in Adobe Photoshop, and composited the scenes in Adobe After Effects.  


DEC. 2019

For our final project in my Motion Design class, we were tasked with visualizing a poem after being given audio of it being read aloud. This video is of Sharon Olds's poem, Alcatraz. The poem is one of many that denotes Olds internal struggle of adulthood being forced upon her as a child. To convey this contrast, I animated the video in the style of a child's drawings.