Graphic Design + illustration

Intangible Poster

MAY 2020

These posters are the result of a recent experiment on interactions of type and image. The imagery is a 3D rendering of an "impossible space" I built with Autodesk Maya for a 3D Modeling class. I rediscovered these images and thought they provided opportunity for typographic design. The word "intangible" comes from my original concept for the assignment–I wanted to talk about the perceived mass virtual objects possess, despite being incorporeal by nature. 

Yale Spring Fling T-Shirt Submission

APR. 2018

These logos were submitted as a t-shirt design for Yale's annual music festival, Spring Fling. I designed them as an extension of the event's original logo–I adhered to its color scheme and used the same typeface. The festival's lineup included A$AP Ferg, Dagny, Cupcakke, and Madeon. The explosive thin and angular lines behind the text are meant to express the electrifying energy among the artists.

Y Fashion House Poster

AUG. 2019

As the Graphic Design Director for the club, I made numerous posters for events. This poster was designed as part of an advertising campaign to encourage first-year students to join our club. The club's leadership used this banner as their Facebook cover photos. 


Since 90s aesthetics were trending in the fall of 2019, I took inspiration from the decade's patterns and advertisements to create the poster's headline and background. I added grain to give the poster a vintage finish.  

This video is an extension of the book series. 

Light Study Book

DEC. 2019

As a semester long project for my Graphic Design Methodologies class, we created a series of four books based on a researched topic in order to learn about design systems. My books discussed artificial light: its form, its color, and its effects. Through these books I wanted to establish light as more than just a tool, but in fact a character. This fourth and final book combined the topics and designs of three the initial books. I combined the books to act a as a character study of light–talking about how it presents itself, how it behaves, its flaws, and how it can perform.


The first section arranges photos of various of lights I took into a "comic book inspired" sequence. Each picture acts as one frame in an animation of the light's forms transforming into each other.


The next section is a lighting color guide from a theatrical lens. I applied Max Keller’s stage lighting color character guide from "Light Fantastic: The Art and Design of Stage Lighting" to scenes of productions found on Rosco’s Color Gallery. The scenes are analyzed by their lighting’s color to identify a mood.


The third section looks at artificial light's environmental impact and includes Nadia Drake's National Geographic article, "Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price." I tore apart and scanned artwork I produced of the sky to reference how artificial light can pollute our skies.


With light as a fully realized character, the conclusion shows what a performance would look like if it featured light as the lead. This final section shows a series of scenarios where the light is proactive and a silhouetted figure is reactive. I accomplished this by animating a sequence with light as the main focus, projecting those clips on a wall and filming my silhouette reacting to them.

Light Feeling (Swatch) Book

NOV. 2019

This is the second book in my artificial light series as mentioned above. This theatrical color guide has the form of a swatch book. One of the reasons I chose artificial light was to learn new ways to leverage light in my virtual reality projects. Therefore, I used this book as an opportunity to create a guide that could help me in those design decisions.

The swatch book is divided into three sections: words that are positive, negative, and neutral. Each card has the picture of scene on one side, and the scene's mood and information listed on the other.

Clock Website

MAR. 2020

This webpage is an assignment for my Interactive Design class. We were tasked with creating a webpage with a clock to comment on an aspect of time. I decided to talk about the relativity of time and our perception of it. When you're focused on the passage of time, each second feels like an hour. When you're focused on a task, time moves faster than the speed of light.


The page features a cloudy sky synced to the time of the day. If you hover your mouse over the clouds, time speeds up and the clouds race across your screen. If you hover over the clock, time slows down and the clouds move at a snail's pace. I built the page with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Check it out here ►

Grimm's Fairytale Interactive Story Mobile Website

APR. 2020

This webpage was another project for my Interactive Design class. I've formatted the the short Grimm's Fairytale story "The Golden Key" into a mobile-friendly interactive story. This story in particular has always stuck out to me for its brevity and missing ending. I thought the story provided great moments for typographic design to add to the story's atmosphere. 


I designed this webpage with the phone in mind, so I'd recommend trying it on your phone. I built it with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Check it out here ►


Smash Painting

MAY. 2016

An acrylic painting on a ceiling tile forever on display at Montclair High School in New Jersey.

Michelle Portrait

DEC. 2017

A digital illustration composed from three different reference pictures using Adobe Photoshop.