Virtual + Augmented Reality


MAY 2020

“Systems” is a VR experience commenting on our relationship to technology. This project equates tech with the sublime by illustrating its beauty and horror through the characters of the technophile and technophobe. Viewers can step into this virtual “mechanical” theatre and watch as a “device” affects the characters’ sense of self and connection to others. This year long project serves as my Senior Thesis for Yale's Art Major.

The stage wraps around the viewer, rotating with each scene change. Hundreds of panels stand around the stage, ready to arrange themselves based on the characters' interaction with their devices. The viewer's controller appears as their own device to start the experience.

Due to COVID-19 forced closure of Yale's Campus, I substituted missing motion capture sequences with animations from Adobe Mixamo's motion library.


Advisor: Dana Karwas

Motion Capture Performer: Xavier Ruiz

Yale 2020 Thesis Website ►


Winner of ARTSTHREAD x i-D

Global Design Graduate Show 2020

Public Vote | i-D article 


OCT. 2019

MoMAR is an unauthorized augmented reality gallery designed to be used in the MoMA. I worked as a developer for the third version of the app originally created by Damjanski and David Lobser.

I rebuilt its framework, integrated the artists’ work to the app, and implemented extended tracking.

This exhibition, “Open to the Public” featured work by exonemo, Erin Ko, Manuel Rossner, and Akihiko Taniguchi. 


Check out MoMAR ► 

The app is a 2020 Webby Award Honoree

The Architect's Newspaper Article ►

3D Coloring Book

APR. 2019

Yale Student's Immersive Media was prompted with creating an experience to comfort and distract child patients. I created a 3D coloring book since its form of customization creates a fun way to give a sense of control and relief. This experience is one "level" of the larger YSIM collaborative project.


Users start in a black and white environment and throw multicolored orbs to color their surroundings.

Some orbs cycle through the rainbow to give users a random color option.


Developed with Unity Game Engine, this experience was designed for the HTC Vive headset.


Castle model was created in Autodesk Maya. Other 3D models were sourced from online repositories. Light cookies were designed with Adobe Illustrator.

The project was displayed in the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media at Yale's public showcase "Liminal Views."

Break the Ballet

MAY 2018


The theatrical experience is broken down as the lone audience member watches the theatre transform into what it is embodying: space. I created this project as my final project for my Digital Animation class.


Developed with Unity Game Engine, this experience was designed for the HTC Vive headset.

3D models were created with Autodesk Maya and Mudbox and Adobe Fuse. Additional assets were made with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Star Nest Skybox source