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Dec. 2018

I subvert my idea of an environment.

I look to highlight the peculiarities of a space and evoke surrealist imagery. Perhaps the space truly exists. Perhaps I made it exist.

I act as either operator or subject of the camera, playing with gestures in accordance with the setting. I create oddities when I cannot find them.

I look for drama in shadows and harsh lighting. I look for artifice in reflections. I look for abstractions with the camera angle. I do not use software manipulation. I look for flatness in the third dimension. I ignore gravity with a string or the shutter speed. I let one color consume the image.

Wannabe film stills disguised as photographs, they want to incite a story. They hang as a storyboard on the wall. They create a plot through the sequence, but they create a plot individually. The story is ambiguous, but fictional. The story has characters, but focuses on scenery. The story is strange. Maybe I will make that film one day.

I produced this series for my Digital Photography class.

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