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May 2020

“Systems” is a VR experience commenting on our relationship to technology. This project equates tech with the sublime by illustrating its beauty and horror through the characters of the technophile and technophobe. Viewers can step into this virtual “mechanical” theatre and watch as a “device” affects the characters’ sense of self and connection to others. This year long project serves as my Senior Thesis for Yale's Art Major.

The stage wraps around the viewer, rotating with each scene change. Hundreds of panels stand around the stage, ready to arrange themselves based on the characters' interaction with their devices. The viewer's controller appears as their own device to start the experience.

Advisor: Dana Karwas

Motion Capture Performer: Xavier Ruiz


View the whole experience

Instagram-Style Personal Statement

Yale 2020 Thesis Website 


Winner of ARTSTHREAD x i-D Global Design Graduate Show 2020 Public Vote | i-D article

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